Friday, May 20, 2016

Made in the USA - Our Suppliers And How We Built A US Supply Chain For Making Sandal Back Here In The USA!

Greetings, fellow sandal wearers!

The Vere crew was hanging out one night after a long day of making sandals (tis' the season!) and we started reflecting on the monumental task we set forth on to make footwear back here in the USA. A few of us thought it would be cool to give a shout out to our suppliers and show you how we set up a USA footwear supply chain.

Most all footwear has been outsourced to overseas factories in the past several decades, and it was a challenge just finding basic materials and machines here in the states.  Footwear companies rarely talk about their supply chain as they are almost always producing in some other country, and many times don't want to shine a light on what can be a complex and less than an ideal chain of material suppliers and assembly facilities.  Many brands often use 3rd parties and agents to manage production, which leaves the supply chain murky as to who is actually making and supplying material, what is in it, where it is coming from, and who is responsible for it.  Since we use responsible, American suppliers, we enjoy having a crystal clear view of our supply chain and enjoy highlighting it and our partners every chance we can!

In this series, we will highlight a few of the suppliers we use for USA made quality materials. Stay tuned for the first installment coming shortly.

Summer is coming!
The Vere Crew