Thursday, August 21, 2014

Occasionally we get a chance to get out of the factory and meet with some of the great shops that are carrying our brand.  Surf and Adventure Company in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach has not only been a loud and proud reseller of Vere from the start, but part of the motivating factors that got us started.

We let co-founder John Eades out for a little east coast trip this summer where he had time to sit down for an interview for their highly aesthetic and addicting blog.  John elaborated on a key conversation long ago with S&A owner, Rob Lindauer which got the wheels turning and ultimately became part of the motivation behind the concept that eventually spawned Vere Sandals.

There is also a brief, but candid discussion of the struggles to start and maintain a manufacturing business in the United States as well as the rewards of creating a quality product and jobs for the local economy.  There is also a sneak peak of the byproduct of a collaboration we developed with S&A, a custom sandal that ratchets up our conservation efforts to another level.  Rather than throwing away old wetsuits, we've found a way to repurpose them to make uppers.  We like to call these limited beauties the Johnny and the June.

You can check out the Surf & Adventure interview here.

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