Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long time...

Looking at our last entry. It is obvious we have neglected something we once considered to be a great tool that would provide insight to the creation and existence of the Vere Sandal Company and our factory here in Geneva New York.  Beyond our brand and factory, we see as a way to offer an insight on what interests us as harbingers of domestic manufacturing, a small and emerging brand in the surf and outdoor industry, and a couple of shleps trying to create a company that reflects our ideals and strives to be as responsible to our community, environment, investors and industry as we can make it.  

With that being said, I’ll take the time to briefly fill in the large set of blanks with a little timeline.  Later entries may elaborate on some of the more memorable and meaningful events in that past that have helped us get here today.  

- February:  We deliver to our first retailer:  Super Casuals in Geneva, NY. 
- March, April: Shipments for early spring orders roll out.
- May 21: A fire in a part of the factory causes damage to some finished goods, raw materials, shelving and machinery.  Cleanup and factory restoration promptly begins; production shortly thereafter.
- June 5: Shipments resume.
- October:  After a good debut season, Vere sees significant jump in prebook orders for Spring ‘13.
- Beginning next round of capital raise to cover materials and costs for next season. 

- March:  Unsuccessful financing round limits availability of styles and colors offered for Spring ‘12 season.  Prebook orders were adjusted to sell available product, shipped incomplete, or cancelled. 
- June - July: Make or break time for financing.  Sales at retailers, however, continue to be  strong.
- August:  Reflecting good sell-through, at once orders continued at retailers through the fall.
- Refreshed product lineup.
- September: Restructured long term debt and signed a manufacturing partnership with ARC of Yates.  These efforts combined to improve cash-flow to strengthen operations covering anticipated growth in the short and mid-terms. 
- In an effort to close the loop, Vere has decided to replace traditional petroleum-based materials (Rubber and EVA) for midsoles and outsoles with highly recyclable and equally comfortable and durable PLUSfoam.

-  January:  Surf Expo - Our presence marked a solid return to the market with full availability of our product line.

- April: ressurected