Friday, June 17, 2011

Production Begins

It's been a busy and slightly crazy two months but we're thrilled to tell you that production is finally underway. Delayed shipment of our raw materials, along with an assortment of minor setbacks, stalled production by a few months. But, we are fully operational now on Genesse St. in Geneva, NY, in a space that was completely empty just nine months ago. Below are some shots of what we've been up to these past few weeks. Excited to get these sandals out into the market and on your feet and thrilled to be putting "made here. made better." into action.

Our first leather footbed cut

Mike on the embroidery machine, and John on the leather cutting press

Leather footbeds as a good representation of our size curve--most of you guys are a size 10 or 11. Our full compliment of cutting dies in the background.

It's definitely a family affair here at Vere. We put John's mom's (Lorraine) skills to the test embroidering some toe posts.

woven "V" straps - one of the first steps in building the sandals.

toe posts with our Vere logo

footbeds for our "Al" leather sandals

John, unloading the cutting dies