Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vere Holiday Pseudo-Bash 2010

A big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night for the first ever Vere Holiday Pseudo-Bash Extravaganza. Local friends dropped in before and after (and during) previous engagements to check out the progress, ring the bell, and share some holiday spirit(s).

(c) Doug Reilly

(c) Doug Reilly

(c) Doug Reilly

Everyone who came by brought lightly worn shoes and/or jackets in exchange for raffle tickets. We raffled off some great prizes, including a sweet '70's era satin jacket complete with Vere logo, that were donated by local businesses. Joe's Hots, Red Jacket Orchards, The Captain's Room, , OPUS Coffee and Espresso Bar, First Base Line, and Earthly Possessions came through with great gifts, and we fired up the embroidery machines to raffle off a few Vere beanies and jackets too. Caroline was the big winner for the night, taking home that royal blue satin beauty of a jacket.

More importantly, we collected boxes full of warm jackets and shoes which were delivered to the Family Soup Kitchen here in town. The Soup Kitchen is a great organization that provides a hot meal and warm clothing to those in need.

Check out the flickr feed with even more photos from our friend Doug Reilly (and check out his blog at punkastronomy.com), who has made our facility look much cooler than it is. Note the basin full of PBR, which was supplied by our friends at Pabst for the event. Much thanks.

(c) Doug Reilly

We were thankful for the turnout and support of our local friends, and it provided us a great dry-run for our official launch party later in the spring. Stay tuned for details and we'll hope to see you up here in Geneva before too long.

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  1. I need to buy a pair of flip flops now... where can I buy those cool looking orange and brown ones?