Monday, June 14, 2010

What a difference a year makes

A year ago today, June 15, I got laid off.

A little more than a year later, we’re moving into our production facility in Geneva, NY.

It’s funny where life takes you. Seven years ago, I didn’t know how making sandals would impact me. Three years ago, the idea of building them in the USA was a “someday” proposition. One year ago, we decided to work on someday.

We had no idea how much work was involved, or how much we didn’t know - although we knew it was a large amount in both cases. The past year has been filled with incredible highs and lows, optimism and determination, failures and, finally, enough successes to move forward.

Vere Sandal Company, USA is our new reality. By now you know the deal: high quality, domestically manufactured, environmentally sound sandals. It’s been our quest, and now it’s happening.

Thanks for following along, and make sure to stay tuned, as it’s about to get interesting. In the next month we’ll have photos of the buildout in the production facility, as well as announcements about events, where we’ll be as we’re on the road selling our wares, and even information about launch parties. Also, you know we’ll be posting any press we get along the way...

What a difference a year makes.