Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited for a tour of a corrugate (cardboard) facility in Emmaus, Pennsylvania with the intent to view some potential Point Of Purchase designs we might be able to use. The people at Impress Packaging have an incredible facility and an impressive line of clients and work. They had their incredible design team sit down with us and help us with some designs we might be able to use for "sandal racks" within stores made completely of either corrugate or wood. The entire structures would thus be made without any metals or plastic like the traditional means used in the majority of stores today.

Many companies are beginning to use this type of product placement within the stores, but it's still not very widespread. We're really trying to open every available door to ensure we can continue our message of keeping things with an "eye to the environment" for each aspect of the production and sales we can.

We're very excited about the possibilities that were presented to us, we really hoped that we could make our entire POP with recycled or recyclable materials, and their design team loved the challenge. Looking forward to seeing what they sketch and put together for us and can't wait to hopefully share.

Gabi's Favorite Sandals are the Pink Ones

No doubt, she didn't bat an eyelash, when Gabi saw the assortment of all our samples, she gravitated immediately to the pink ones... Gotta love it. We only wish we had kids sizes, I think she'd wear them all day (and it's about 30 degrees these days...). Quick reminder, we're going to be in Fort Lauderdale, FL on December 15th and San Diego, California on the 17th running our pre-screened focus groups. Anyone within range, we'd love to get in touch and show you the line, maybe catch a surf or a bite, please holler.