Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wear-Testing on the Beach

(posted by Michael, the "Finance Guy"...)
This is the time, where everyone has cozied up in the traditional Thanksgiving manner, admiring the early snowfalls by the warmth of the fireplace with family, and an abundance of comfort food. So while everyone is enjoying the festivities, I have taken it upon myself to do some more work for the brand. So armed with my pair of Don prototypes, I've taken them to the beach for some real-live scenario product testing.

First impression:
The sandals here are really in their element. The soft upper EVA layer gives each step a soft feel, backed by the support of the middle layers and arch. Finally the dense EVA outsole protects my feet from the potential hazards that can be native to a leisurely stroll along the shore, like those pesky sand burrs, or broken shells, or the hot mid-day sand. The secure fit of the soft webbing offers stability of each step and assures the wearer it will keep your foot squarely on the footbed.

Also, considering the efforts made to reduce waste in the Vere manufacturing process and the emphasis on using sustainable materials, it is comforting to know that although each step produces a distinguished tread on the sand showing the maker's logo, it produces a lighter tread on the earth as a whole.

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